The Beijing Job Accessibility Map — Transit

The Beijing Job Accessibility Map — Transit describes the amount of job opportunities accessible by transit from each jiedao district within 30–, 45–, and 60– minutes of travel time using the Beijing Economic Census Data in years 2004 and 2013

基于公交的北京就业可达性地图描绘了 2004 和 2013 年北京都市区内各街道、镇乡使用城市公共交通系统在 30 分钟、45 分钟和 60 分钟出行时间内所能达到的就业机会总数。

A joint initiative between the Global Transit Innovations at the University of Minnesota and the School of Government at the Peking University.     联合原创:明尼苏达大学全球公共交通创新项目,北京大学政府管理学院
Authors: Tieshan Sun, Yingling Fan and Yunlei Qi    作者:孙铁山范颖玲,齐云蕾

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